Military exams utilizing a grenade to cease drones with a web

Army tests using a grenade to stop drones with a net

A grenade shouldn’t be the easiest way to cease a drone, however a grenade launcher is perhaps. This week, the Military was granted a patent for a net-carrying grenade-sized weapon, designed to work in an ordinary 40mm launcher, that may ensnare a drone.

Formally a “scalable results web warhead,” the online grenade may lastly present a countermeasure to low cost drones that’s virtually as cheap because the drones themselves.

Ensnaring a robotic in a web is maybe the other of lethality, however right here that’s a promoting level — stopping the drone means instantly disabling it and probably doing a forensic investigation on the drone’s innards afterwards. Bullets can cease drones, nevertheless it’s a tough process even at sport taking pictures competitions and in a real-life software bullets nonetheless need to fall someplace, risking damage to pleasant forces and bystanders. Anti-air missiles just like the Patriot also can intercept drones, however drones may be as low cost as just a few hundred {dollars} and missiles just like the Patriot can price just a few million {dollars}. Each more-kinetic choices can damage the drone’s circuitry, obliterating any helpful clues as to who might have launched the drone.

Nets additionally maintain a bonus over directional jammers in that they solely need to hit the drone as soon as to work. Directional jammers, whereas usually transportable and rifle-sized, have to remain targeted on the goal drone till the drone is introduced down, or else threat the drone with the ability to obtain indicators from its distant pilot and detonate or fly away.

Nets are so common a counterdrone instrument that we’ve seen present net-guns used to cease wildlife re-purposed to catch UAVs, drones carrying nets, drones carrying net-guns, and customized devoted net-launching bazooka-like weapons. All of those require devoted coaching of various levels, particularly within the case of piloting drones as counterdrone weapons. A net-containing bundle that matches right into a launcher already acquainted to troopers may present an easier, simpler to undertake strategy to shoot down drones.

This counterdrone web grenade would open when sensors point out it’s near a goal, after which the online contained in the grenade can be launched onto the drone.

“The outcomes of preliminary testing present that the warhead of this invention may be launched (presently in a 40 mm configuration) and may efficiently interact a UAS risk,” reads the patent. “The efficiency of this invention goes additional than any earlier system proposed which merely launches a web straight at a UAS.”

Along with stopping drones, the patent payments the launched nets as helpful in opposition to boats, boat propellers, shifting land automobiles and stationary land automobiles. If a web may conceivably cease it, then a grenade-launched web is a strategy to make that occur quicker.

With low cost drones comes an important alternative for countering low cost drones. On the battlefield of the long run, the reply to drones may be net-slingers.

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